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Ford Belmont Park
The Ford Belmont Park is a day and night mid-level park designed with the intention of giving snowboarders and skiers a host of options to progress on. With various features such as a mid-range and small-range jump line, a wall ride, a butter pad, a roller section, a berm / rhythm section, and a large veriety of unique boxes and rails this park has it all. Cruise through during the day or shred at night.

Riviera Monster Park + Superpipe
Accessed by the High Camp and Belmont chairlifts, this park is super easy to get to and lap. Essentially 3 parks and one superpipe combined - this area offers mid to upper level park riding with 2 major jump lines (each above either side of the superpipe), a rail and box line with our features and the 400' long, Riveria superpipe with 18' walls.

Papoose Park

The Papoose Park is the first stepping stone for those curious about park riding. With several small and easy to learn on features, this park is the perfect spot to start discovering the unique and exciting sensations found when getting airborne or sliding on a box.


Rated by Transworld Snowboarding as one of the top ten best parks and pipes in the 2006 resort poll, the park team at Northstar continues to deliver the goods. Acclaimed park designers Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and Josh Chauvet of Snow Park Technologies, known for their work on the Winter X Games, Vans Tahoe Cup, and U.S. open Snowboarding Championships, have built six parks at Northstar with an amazing variety of jumps, hips, rails, and boxes, plus a halfpipe, and a 420-foot Superpipe.

The Stash
The Stash is a new kind of run developed by Jake Burton, Burton team riders and Snow Park Technologies. The first run of its kind, it is a place where riders can progress their all-mountain skills in a fun, natural environment that features tree runs, road jumps and jibs all constructed with wood logs and other natural materials. The Stash is designed with a combination of park riding with a big mountain feel. Wood signage carved with chainsaws begs to be jibbed and huge logs provide ideal natural rail slides. Make sure to check out the “CK Cabin," a small hut decorated with Craig Kelly memorabilia that pays tribute to the legendary snowboarder. Riders can jib, jump or hang out inside the CK Cabin.

Lil' Stash
Lil' Stash - A smaller version of The Stash located off Bear Paw Chairlift in the beginner bowl area. Features include: lil' A Frame, 10' Milled Log Slide, 15' Milled Log Slide, 8' Milled Log Slide and snow features galore.

If you’re looking for a long park run, Pinball is the place to go. Pinball is one of the best all around parks that the mountain offers. You can dial in that new skill you’ve been working on or polish up an old one. Pinball features jibs galore with everything from street rails to fun boxes, along with tabletops, step-downs, hips and rollers.

This park is designed and created with terrain park masters in mind. Moonshine is the park where you will find all the largest park features Northstar™ Resort has to offer. Flow through the Matix staircase feature, as well as other signature features, or choose from a wide variety of jumps and jibs.

Burton Progression Park
Located on Sidewinder, the Burton Progression Park is a great introduction to freestyle terrain. Each park feature is a smaller version of larger freestyle terrain features, with gentle landings and plenty of elbow room. This groundbreaking park provides a laid-back, non-intimidating environment for riders of all ages who want to develop their terrain park skills.

The Straits
The Straits is our small family fun park, it contains small table tops, banks and smaller ride on features located closer to the ground. This park is great for families who want to stay together and still have a wide variety of terrain.

Forerunner is a medium park where you can find a variety of unique features.

Kids' Adventure Parks
Jumpland, Amped 3, Jib Park, and Mine Shaft. Occasionally it’s best to let the kids go wild, and that’s where the Adventure Parks come in. Here the terrain is just the right size and the must-do list is never ending. Loaded with whoops, bumps, gullies, and slides, you’re sure to be hooting and hollering in no time.

Our 420' Superpipe has been ranked among the top ten pipes in North America, three seasons in a row by Transworld readers. The sky’s the limit when you slide into this regularly cut, close to perfect, pipe.

Located right before the Superpipe, take a run through Pipeline to get warmed up and ready for the 420' pipe lovers dream.

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